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OMG!!! seriously fed up!!! worst guy ever in the world!!!? poor hippo mama having a real bad guy of relationship in her life! I will give in all my best even my life to mama just to get rid of him! SERIOUSLY! went to SKSS with hippo mama today! HEHE~ decided to go last week but plan changed haha! we go get our testimonia MOE cert book! after that went avenue 8 to buy lens follow by hgm subway for lunch then hmm~ window shopping, library haha! I love and miss my hippo mama so much!!! she's mine whahahaha! =P

OH YA!!! I've been isomnia for almost 5 days and finally I went for doctor yesterday! haha~ and finally I get to sleep whahahahaha!
Morning! didnt' went for work today! cause they're are unfair and jerks! Anyway~ I don't care! want MC!? Whaaaaaat~ what's MC!? bleah~~~ HEARTLESS people!

Have been 17th day since I last post on blog!!! sad~~~ still not yet update my blog!!! arrrrrgh~ sad!!! tomorrow going for appointment~ sigh! hope everything's will be fine~ but this time! don't think so ya!? hmmm~~~....

Have been insonmia for couple of days!!! tourturing! seriously~~~ ...
HI!!!! ^^ hehe~ I'm back on Facebook!!! and blog too haha! oops~ I'll only be online for blog oftenly haha! Thursday went to LaoGong house for dinner! hehe~ been a few months didn't go LaoGong house hehe! =P That day is our 7th Months Anniversary~~~ woah!!! Knew each other more than one year and been together for half a year! haha!

hmmm~ what I have to say is, working on weekends is seriously maaaaadddd!!! haha! :(