안녕하세요!!! ^^ ㅋㅋ~ I'm feeling great! Cause I just are mango! LOL~ .. But the other part! Sighhhhhh! Brother got call from doctor bout his result and is a bad result, mummy going down with brother later on ... Please don't let it be serious~ pray hard!!! .. Morning went SGH heart centre with mummy! Sigh~ ... Lots of problem too! ... Gonna cost nearly $300 for the next visit! .. FAINT! I just don't get it why mummy and brother just don't wish to take good care of themselves!? So as my LaoGong! Very sad to see them like thus~ heart pain! ... Really wish they will listen, keep themselves healthy and fit! ... God bless them! ... I really love them a lot! ...

Yesterday was kinda like a loooooong day of work for me!? ... Seriously an bad day for me too!!! Got knock down by two box when I'm in the freezer so as my right leg got by shelves ... Now like a big bun! Lucky I put zambak if not will get worst I guess haha!
HAHA! hello~ I'm backkkkk! so soon! :D hehe~ Just now wash some dishes, palms feels dry! :( anyway! ^^ I'm using computer now~~~ hooray! Brother went medical check up at Ang Mo Kio and I've no idea what for he called mummy to go with him!? LOL! Sister found something cool yesterday at brother wardrobe haha!

HEHE! My brother look so cute huh!? lol~ =P

Hmmm~ alright I've to go add on some pictures on previous post and maybe! just maybe I'll do it today to update my blog template! hehe! Bye~ ^^
안녕! ^^ ㅎㅎ~ sister just asked me bout my blog URL! She wanna check it out hahaha! But nothing interesting just boring post! Oops~ hehe! Find someday I'll make my blog better with chat box! =] hehe! Today I'm off~ sigh! Saddddddd! I didn't get to sleep~ insomnia again! I hate it! So tired now~ headache ... I can't go for afternoon nap cause I'll can't sleep on the night, I'll become 夜貓子 ㅋㅋㅋ!

Writing some McD notes this few days! ... Haven done my CLDP yet! Sad~ ... Don't know what to write! ... Sigh!!! ... Boring~ ... I wanna go shopping!!!!!! =3 hehehe!!!
Good evening! Sigh~ saddddddd! Today went home early for dating! LaoGong looks tired but so am I! ... We went Vivo city today haha! Have pizza hut for lunch at Harbourfront centre~ hehe! So delicious~~~ ^^ will upload the picture some other days when I get the chance to use computer! =]

[pictures uploaded on 27/02/2012]
hmmm! Sister starts to have test/exam already and not sure when will brother be going for work!? Start work I mean!? Hahaha~ ... One more weeks to celebration!!! OMG~~~ I really can't wait!!! Hehe ^^ counting down to 11 more days =] oh boyyyyyy!
오모!!! I can't believe I work till so late today haha~ got call to work at 12pm to 6pm and then 8.pm but I get to go off at 8.43!? Haha~ really tired! But is good to work~ ^^ hehe! Sighhhhhh! My leg in pain! Stand and run too long! Can't take it! And I was kinda worry bout Jahan when every time work with her, she's pregnant! Really have to take care of her when working with her~ ... Oh boy! OMG! Tomorrow I'm off!!!! Hehe~ wonder able to go or dating anot!? Haha~

LaoGong bought me pudding milk tea just now!!! Hehe~ I'm still drinking it! =] hmmm~~~ think I'll post till here for today! ^^ byeeeeee~ see ya! =]
굿모닝! ㅎ-ㅎ

[picture uploaded on 27/02/2012]

Haha!!! Have this Linguine Cream cheese for breakfast~
OMG! I can't believe! And somehow it taste salty oh boyyyyyyy! *_* hehe~ ... Sigh!!! Wonder did I have work today! I'm waiting for calls but thought that should just forget of waiting~ ... Sad ... I'm so bored at home!!! On weekends~ I've really use to work for all my weekends and then out of sudden I'm stuck at home! ... Sighhhhh~ ....
Hello! ^^ hehe~ went for breakfast with mummy and neighbor at coffee shop early on, haha! the baby is just sooooooooo~ cute!!! =] hehe! I ate so full haha~ cause I knew I won't have my lunch~ .... brother just called home just now, he will be home today from camp. Mummy said today was he's last day for army! .... awesome! ... He found job too~ =]

LaoGong is working today, SAD! can't get to go out ... I'm feeling tired too~ ... sighhhhhhh ... HEHE! forgot to mention this! bought this games on Monday, Drinking Fun! haha~ cost $19.90! Anyway! Brother is back home while I was posting this post half way! LOL! =]

YAWN!!! Hehe~ hello! =] I'm home from dinner with LaoGong! Haha~ I was so tired till emo after dinner just now and LaoGong was kinda worry! ... Seriously! Really tired~ everyone are so tired to work now~ Cause of stupid people keep changing stuff and things! FED UP~ ... Really tired!!! Today running like crazy people and somehow like go for running competition!? Lol~ ...

Tomorrow off so as coming weekends! But maybe will get to call for work of they need help but most proberly I don't think so, cut label till so scary! ... Speechless~ ... Gosh~ I'm lying on sofa like finally can take a good rest! I gues lying on bed will be better! Hahahaha
안녕~ ^^ ㅎㅎ! It's afternoon time now and I'm preparing for work too! Working 1pm today! Haha~ ... So sad!!!! Morning I got wake up by the construction worker! By BANGUNG~ .. Argggggh!!! Sighhhhhhh ... TIRED~ ... Having headache now! ㅠ.ㅠ I wish to stay home! Hehe~ ... Hope today can be able to meet LaoGong! =3 HEHE! Bye~ gotta go for work soon ^.^ 화이팅~
HEHE!!! hello~~~ ^^ I'm sooooooooooooo seriously! DAMN happy now!!! Guess I can sleep well and sound now!? hope so haha! went for appointment today, everything are so awesome well done ^^ hehe~ " GOOD JOB! KEEP IT UP! YOU CAN DO IT! " all my nurses, doctor and dietitian told me to! I'm so glad I've walk this far! *applauds* hehe =3 Congrates to me! I get to inject once every morning prep breakfast, although is good but I've really have to be moreeeee careful on my diet, but still I have to exercise and even eat more! ... STRESS! plussss~ I need and is a must for me to eat my medicine on time now~ saddddd ...

Doctor add a new tablet for me, for not to get myself typo!? I guess haha~ and change a better insulin! is an 24 hours insulin. It's kinda like novarapid color but better for me haha! sigh~ what I can say is! "whew~~~" I can finally relax now! but will keep on track on it! Have to take my blood test almost everyday prep meal time .... sadddddddd~ so many hold on my finger! hahaha~ I'll keep the good job and improve it every time! ^^ 화이팅~~~ 아자아자!!! ㅎㅎ~

Went Kovan to have KFC with sister! OH YAAAA~ Needa Thanks sister for accompany me to go for appointment and sorry to let her spent her precious time waiting for me the whole afternoon! I admit~ seriously waiting KILLS! haha~ LOVE YOU! my sweetie sister! :D Sister having test!? exams!? tomorrow hope sister will get a good result! haha~ GOOD LUCK! *loves* HEHE! We're so funny at the Clinic while waiting haha! said jokes and gossip haha! so as we're freezing like hell! Oh Boy~~~ ... Can't stop entering air con places and I was like "air con again!? 0_0 Oh~ Come onnnnnnn~~~! " *shivering* LOL! =]

And YA! Before I post this I uploaded the pictures and edit on the Monday outing! haha~ its kinda late but I did upload it! and I did almost forgot! oops~ =P HEHE! Alright~ thats all for today! Hope everyone have a nice!? beautiful day! ^^ see ya~ MUACKS!!!

Miss you!!! my dearest LaoGong~ hope you're doing well! wonder did you get to eat anything!? ... sad~ LOVE YOU! ^^ hehe!

GOOD NIGHT! *kiss*
안녕~! ... ㅠㅠ
Sigh! Morning got called up by sister~ ... She can't find all the singlet! Lol~ .. Haven been sleeping well ... I got to sleep today but sister wake me up! Saddddddd ... Now I'm on my way to SGH appointment! Meeting sister at Outram park station! Hehe~ ^^ morning dear dear LaoGong came down hougang meet me with breakfast!!! OMG! ^.^ hehe~ so sweeeeeeet of him! Hahaha~ ... Sighhhhhhhh! I'm so tired~ ... Eyes like fall closing!? Haha! ... Didn't use computer to upload the day before post image, I was too tired to do so! Got home at nearly 8.40!? After work~ ... I was trying to help before that! ... Really down crew~ sighhhhhhhhh!

Really don't know what the hell is the HQ doing nowadays!!! Does do many stupid idea and decision! ... FAINT~ ... Tomorrow I got to work, 1pm to 5pm! Sad ... LaoGong can't go appointment with me cause he got stuff to busy with! We both feel so sad~ but no choice too! Haha~ one more week to celebration!!! ^^ hehe~ can't WAIT!!! Omg~ =] haha!!! For the moment I post till here then~ ... Think I'll update later on haha~ see ya!!! ^^
굿모닝 ! 여러분~ ^^ 나진짜 너무 피곤해!!! ㅠ.ㅠ
Hiiiiii! I guess it's really a very good morning to me!? ... Sighhhhh~ haven been sleeping well for weeksssss already! So sad! TIRED~~~!!! Oh come on! ... :( can't get any better and feeling so not good ! When every time appointment is getting near I just can't sleep and rest well till I hear the results! ... Sigh~ I'm so tired of everything! ...

Omg!!! I'm gonna put on weight~~~ HAHA! Have my dinner at this time~ gosh! Supper time! :( anyway~ have beard papa and four leaves bread for dinner! Haha~ will upload pictures tomorrow cause my phone can't upload! Have to wait till night time cause I'm working tomorrow~ haha! Ohhhh! I bought a Stitch portable charger for sister!!! Sooooooo~ cuteeeeeee!!! ^~^ hehe!!! Sister use Samsung Galaxy 2~ ... Gonna rest and get ready to sleep soon! Work tomorrow~ ... Sighhhhhhhhh!!!! HEHE~ =P

[photo uploads on 22/02/2012 ]

Oh ya!!!~~~ can't forget this! ... Saddddddd! Sorry dear dear LaoGong~ let you go home late again!!! Sighhhhh~ although you said it's alright every time but I still feel bad cause you still got work the next day early in the morning! ... Sad~ ... LOVE YOU!!! MUACKS~ ^^

Good Night!!! =]
바이바이~ ...
안녕!!! ^^ ㅎㅎ~ on my way home now! Have fun with Dear Dear~ haha! He's so naughty!!! =P we went Bugis! And have Ajisen for lunch! Sad that I can't finish my set meal~ wasted! :(

Bought one dress, sock and etc~ I've short term memory! Hahaha~ bought bread from Four Leaves and Beard Papa Sweet!!! OMG~ it's been a long time since I last ate it! Haha~ miss it so much! ^~^ YUMMY! Haha! Alright shall post again when I reach home ^^ see ya~
Afternoon!!! ^0^
sad~ wake up early ... hmmm~ I'm going out later, hehe! meeting Dear Dear for today! I would like to say sorry to mummy! Cause didn't get to go Hougang Mall with her! LOVE YOU~ my best mummy in the world =3 hehe! my paid is in~~~~!!! AWESOME! ^^Y hehe~ shopping!!! I wanna go Kinokuniya for books! haha~ Finally =] Would like to get stuff from Gmarket too haha~ OMG!!! but will save up and will not be like the past spend money like I've endless of money but I did have limits on it LOL! haha~

I'm soooooooo! addicted to 투애니원 [2NE1] & 미쓰에이 [MISS A] songs!!! They're so cool and awesome! ^^ hehe~
- 미쓰에이_Good-bye Baby -
- 투애니원_UGLY -
안녕! 여러분~ ^^ ㅎㅎ! Good evening!!! =]
What a tiring day~ omg!!! *FAINT* working with someone who always kept giving problem! Endless comments! So as working with someone who think she's a pro! Really is an Disaster to work with work with think kind of people~ some more talk without thinking! *speechless* ... Seriously can vomit blood! ... These people are hopeless!!! ... Sighhhhh~ ....

Bought dinner home after work just now! Have eaten already~ omg!!! So full~ ^0^ hehe!!! Mummy bought fried chicken wings tooooooo~ oh boy!!! My first proper meal for the day~ haha! Morning I have hot milo before I went for work and then ate one SME burger during work sad! Fast bite! ... Follow by Apple Pie After work! I was so hungry~ no energy! Haha~ ... I sooooooo! Miss my Miss Tay~ ^^ hehe!!! Love to work with her and Mr Tay~ but sad that I really think that now is impossible to work with them together anymore~

Now so many changes on work~ seriously!!! Stupid HQ~ can't they just make up their mind!!!! Arggggggh~ ... Sad!!! Headache~~~ the whole day! Almost faint during work!!! Messy on work today~ ... Alright! Shall stop here for today! Tired~ haha!


Heeeeello! Afternoon~ ^^ hehe! I'm off today! Yeah~ and I get to meet DearDear today! Awesome! What a good day! Hehe! I'm now on my way to meet DearDear! What a colddddd day~ oh boy! But I'm kinda love it =] drizzly rain~ ... Going over DearDear house for today ^^Y have a little argument on few days ago! Oops~ a littttttle awkward to go over his house hahahaaaaa! But you feel great when everything are solved! I LOVE U~~~ ^.^ hehe

I'm working tomorrow! Hmmm~~~ lazy to work~ =P have been tired for couple of days! WAITING! omg!!! HEADACHE~ ... Woke up early morning just to go for appointment, clinic and SGH! Saddddd ... Really not enough rest! I want sleeeeeep!!! Sighhhhhh ... HEADACHEEEEE!!! Is killing me~ ... Working like zombies!!! Haha~
ㅅㅅ 안녕! ㅎㅎ~ I'm back home!!! *tears* omg~~~~ miss home HEHE =] finally got home! is already night time! woah~ ... such a busy week! haha~ I Miss my care bear!!! wonder how he's doing now ^^ ! we're both so tired :(

HEHE! Love these videos~ MILEYYYYYY!!! ^.~

- Miley Cyrus Perform @TheEllenShow, You're Gonna Make Lonesome When You Go feat Johnzo West
- Miley Cyrus & Johnzo West @Jimmy Kimmel live, You're Gonna Make Lonesome When You Go
* I don't own any videos just research form YouTube ^^ wanna get an HD video thats all*
Hello!!! =] I'm back to blog~ haha!!! I'm at SGH now with daddy and mummy! Waiting for mummy turn to laser her eyes~ ... Sighhhh!!! So worried bout mummy's health! Don't know why she can't keep herself healthy! Its not that difficult! I'm doing it too isn't it!??? Shall give mummy more support! ^^ wish she could live till see me married and give birth! Same goes to daddy! ^~^ hehe!!! LOVE YOU!!! Mummy daddy~ =3 I'm soooooooo~ damn tired!!! Have been wasting my time this two days waiting at clinic and then SGH! Omg ... Waste my beauty sleep time waiting! LOL~ ...

Early morning wake up at around 7.15 but got of bed at 7.45! Haha~ really force myself to wake up and drag myself off the bed! LOL~ I'm done and prepared around 8.30!? Mummy drag my time till 9 then set off!!! OMG~ ... Sighhhhhh!!! Today got urine test and two tubes of blood test! =| Finally done with every and our meal was thinking where to go while waiting for mummy appointment hitch is 3pm~ gosh! Went Chinatown for dessert~ ... Hawker central, feeling hot and warm there! But when it's time to go back SGH it was raining! ... I'm drenched~ think I'll fall sick ... Sad

HEHE!!! I'm off tomorrow~ yeah! I requested haha! Cause I know I'll be really tired!!! Sadddddd~ headache is killing me! Just can't go off from me!!! ... Sigh~ sadddddd! Yesterday wasn't a good day! ... Have a bit not happy moment with LaoGong ... SAD! I cry infront of him in the public!!! Good job~ keep it up! ... Sighhhhhhh ... Nothing to say ... Don't know what to do! Negatives thoughts all Over my mind ... HEART BREAKS!!! Aching~~~ PAINFUL! ...

Alright!!! Have to throw away all negatives thoughts and live to the fullest! ^^ hehe~ fights and quarrel between couples are good sometimes! Can build up our relationship stronger!? Haha~ so as knew each other more and well! ^^

YAWNNNNNN!!! I'm falling asleep~ ... Love the air con here! Sad~ don't know when will be mummy's turn!? And I guess dinner outside today~ ... Hmmm! Wonder today able to meet LaoGong !??? Not sure what time he will settle and done with his stuff! MUACKS~ miss you!!! ^.~ hehe!!! Alright~ today shall post till here! =]]] see ya~


Hello!!! Seriously~ my blog is really dead!!! HAHA! Posting on today~ no idea why!? :) haha~ It's Tuesday today! 14th February 2012! VALENTINE'S DAY~ ^^ awesome! Hope all the couples around the world may have a great day! Enjoy ya~ haha!!! :) So sad that this year I'm not able to enjoy and be with my Care Bear! sighhhhhh~ Miss my Care Bear sooooooo muchhhh! sad! We're both so busyyyyyyy with workkkkkk! Headaches! ARGGGGGHHH~ Never Mind ... We've no choice~ .... haha!

I've a best Chinese New Year ever! haha~ Have lots of fun at relative house this year! LOL!!! and I can't wait for next month to arrive!!! OMG!!! hehe~ my One Year Anniversary with my dearest Care Bear! ^^ hehehe~ This week I'm really going to tired myself up~ ... so sad! busy with work and off days I'm heading to polyclinic and SGH for appointment with mummy! ... early in the morning~ Just hope I wont get sick! haha~

Maybe I know why is my blog so dead! haha~ I didn't get to settle my Template/Design done that's why I doesn't have the mood or maybe interest to post haha! As now I'm trying to edit and get my blog well done so that I can flash out my blog! ^^ hehe! and DAMN IT! my brother reformat the computer and awesome everything I've saved in the computer are totally goneeeee! Good Job~ ;(( Heart Breaks! sighhhhh~ I can't do anything~ ...

Today! I got a biggggg surprise!? News!? ^0^ 샤이니 종현오빠 [SHINee JongHyun Oppa] has a Twitter account!!! "@realjonghyun90" ohhhhhh~ boy! ^~^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~~ 좋아! ㅅㅅ
Alright today till here then! Will be back to blog soon!!! hehe~ Bye!

(ㅎㅎ! ^^ isn't he so handsome and cuteeeee! )
바이~바이~ 잘자! Z_Z
Night! Night!
with Love,

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