Morning ... 24/08/2015

Good morning ... Sad~ got wake up by Jerald ... MIL brought Jerald in and ask hubby to look after when both of us are still sleeping, I'm feeling pissed off ... But I don't want to say anything, if not I become the bad one again ...

When I wanted to comment anything as I really have no eyes to see and really got pissed off, but I have to tolerate ... No wonder I becoming so bad ... Bad in the sense of I don't even know myself when I lose my temper ... This isn't me ~

Just put Javier for bed, feed him already ... Tired~ yup everyone is tired ... I don't want to add on anything, or comment anything already ... No point ~ 

Bye~ taking a nap first before next feeding ... Hubby is at the other room with Jerald :( missing hubby ❤️

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