Monday blue night ...

Hello! Wanted to mention about some situation during work today ... Just wanted to share it out ...

As what me and my Sister discuss and talk about it... when we're doing training on new staff all we need is patience. All we have to do is being paitience and teach whatever we knew. 

Instead of being frustrated and unwilling to help out on training new staff. Also I have no idea what's the point of scolding and pin pointing on a new training staff whereby the staff is learning and processing. That's is why we called training on new staf!? Isn't it!?

I totally can't accept the way people treats new staff like a useless bug and think itself as a professional and being so proud. It just making yourself look so disgrace and disrespectful.

I believe in karma ...

Today I have my dinner outside after work... Went to have subway after going for some groceries at NTUC. Wasn't feeling hungry and I don't really have appetite at first after I've ended my shift work.

I decided to go for some groceries instead and then after doing the payment and just nice, I feel hungry and my stomach is groaning haha

Have a multi grain Ham with extra cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, olives and honey mustard sauce. Actually it has been quite some time since I last eaten Subway. 

A sandwich, Two white chip macadamia cookies and a cup of 22oz drinks cost $9.10. Surprising~ haha!

MIL cook Hor Fen for dinner ... I did not know that MIL cook this instead of rice haha! If not I will fly home to eat it. In the end I also have a bowl of it after I got home for a while, after I took a shower. Eating that bowl of one bowl of Hor Fen inside my room watching tv with hubby. Hehe!

Alright that's all for today! Hehe~ Monday bluuuuue ^.^ Good night~ ❤️

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