Friday is here ...

Hello! Today it's Friday already and today morning brought Jerald to schools although it's only one day. But I'm able to take a rest for this one day haha,  Tuesday receive phone calls from Jerald school as he's having fever so fetch him home at after 5:30pm ... Hubby fetch Jerald home as I was still at my working place ...

Jerald fever went up on the Wednesday midnight, went up to 39 degree so I faster gave Jerald medication. Lucky that the fever went down, thank god ! 

Yesterday I have the left over pork belly soup for my dinner. 

My breakfast this morning, I'm kind of regret actually. So fattening, unhealthy breakfast Omg! Really have to watch on my diet already. Oh god~

Hubby bought his favourite carrot cake as well but I only have two bites haha cause I was already food after eating that one packet of rice.

Hehe! My lovely baby Javier ! Wanted to mention something horrible just happend just now! I have learnt a lesson and please do not leave your baby or toddler in a high bed, especially sleeping and when your baby is at the stage of crawling.

Put Javier on Jerald high bed as he falls asleep, I regretted that I should put him on his own bed or in his pram. I having my breakfast with hubby and in laws, but didn't notice anything in my room. 

Till I have finish eating and sat on the sofa for a while, out of sudden I heard Javier calling or screaming. I went in and I can't find him on the bed, the bed was in a mess and so as the bed have moved.

In the end I found him under Jerald high bed and then I scream so loud! I got scared, shocked and cried, I carried him up slowly and hug him while my tears just came out like nobody business. 

Hubby rushed into the room once he heard me screaming ! He was worried and asked me to check on Javier whether he got hurt or anything. But I just got scared and can't listen or do anything but to hug Javier and sayang him.

My heart was so painful and got so freak out! Glad that Javier is fine! I Guess that he slip down inside of fall off. Omg! Thank goodness~ 

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