Sunday night ❤️

Hellooooo! It's Sunday night~ so fast another week will be gone soon haha! Today I went out with my family, I meet them at Waterway Point ... 

Shared this Kway Chap with mum and Sister... It cost $12.70 and this dish of plate just not what I've expected, to be so small and the ingredient are just so little.

This will be my first time and last time having this. I'll try the duck noodle next time haha!

After having our lunch we went around the mall, bought nothing and really just walking around the mall looking so silly haha! 

When the times is about 4:30pm, we went to take MRT and leave the area. Sister and Brother alight at Hougang station as Sister heading for work but for bro i guess he went home ...

Me and my parent went NEX mall for a walk... My papa wanted to buy 4D, I queue and bought for him. I bought two ticket of TOTO as well to try my luck haha! Monday and it's tomorrow, just wish me luck haha

Around 6pm plus after getting my stuff we went food republic for some DimSum and drinks... Actually I'm disappointed with the leaf glutinous chicken, the portion became so so small. Last time it was three times of the size now, so disappointed but at least the taste and quality did not drop.

After eating I went to buy dinner for my in laws, then says goodbye to my parent and took bus home. They take MRT... I really miss those times that went out together, shop together like nobody business and eat whenever we want and then go home together.

For now everything have changed, everything is different now ... It feels sad when I have to say goodbye to my family and we went for our separates way. I miss those times ❤️❤️❤️

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