Throwback on Thursday

Hello! Making a post of yesterday, a throwback of yesterday as I was quite busy and did not get the chance to use blog.

Yesterday was hubby off day but sadly that I can't get excuse from work and go dating with hubby. Sighhhh~ too bad that I have to work till 3pm.

Hubby meet up with his ex manager, Mee Teng and she's giving birth on this month. Wish her all the best and good luck. I prepare some clothes and left over breast milk storage bag for hubby to pass it to her. 

They meet up Hougang Mall at 11am so me and hubby went off together as I work 10am.

We went Boon Keng Hawker center for breakfast. I just love the noodle but somehow it seem quite a small portion and once finish it I don't feel full. But luckily there's a cup of soy milk to fill up my tummy haha!

Once I ended work I message hubby and he was at Starbucks with Mee Teng so I  went up to Starbucks and find him. He was waiting for me and chit chatting with his Friend while waiting for me to end my shift work.

(Set meal drinks: Pesi and Ice lemon tea with sugar syrup)

In the end I was so hungry that I told hubby I wish to have Pizza Hut for my lunch, because I saw Pizza Hut restaurant is just opposite the Starubucks. Hahaha!

It have been some times since I last have Pizza Hut. Really happy and thankful that every time hubby will fulfill what I wanted and needed!

(Set meal soup of the day: Chicken Veg soup and top up additional $1 for mushroom soup)

We order the 1 for 1 set meal, top up a $1 for the mushroom soup. The soup is  really such a big bowl haha! Serve hot and fresh always! Emmmm~ yummy!

(Trio platter: Honey roasted wings, Buffalo wings and Sweet 'n' spicy drumlets) 

I love the seasoning mixture of this drumlet ! Taste really awesome

But for this wings! It's a very Spicy wings! I taste one bite and my mouth just went numb haha! Really hot and spicy!

I believe this is the original honey roasted wings! Always taste the best haha

For myself I ordered Turkey Bacon Carbonara and it's a free pasta for me because it's a 1 for 1 deals. Just love the bacon a lot haha! It's really a big bowl trust me, taste good! 

This ! Roasted Half Spring Chicken, hubby ordered this. Somehow he love it and he have tried this before on his management outing. All served hot and fresh! Awesome! 

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