Happy 7 months old ! Baby Javier

Time flies, today is Javier's exact 7 months old. So happy that he's growing up, eating well and living well, may God bless him with good health and everything good in his life. Hehe!

As usual morning I brought Jerald to school hehe! Always love Jerald face when he's sleepy but yet still wanting and excited to go for school. Such a good boy in school, sweet boy and naughty boy haha!

Today is hubby off day after three days of night shift, finally hubby got a day off. When I'm on lunch break during work today hubby sent me photo of Javier sitting on the pram in the room with him. Hehe!

I haven handmade noodle on my lunch break ... At level four Kopitiam, one thing to say that in future I think I will not really order drinks from Kopitiam. Because one cup of Ice Teh Si cost me $2.00, I was like really!? 

Also heard from my papa say that Kopitiam increase all those food cost. I understand and know that as for this year most of the situation, financial are bad. Even McDonald also increase, quite often LOL

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