I'm lost !

Yes! I'm feeling really tired and just exploded! I know when I became like this I am very bad and attitude is damn sucks! But it's true that when people don't get enough sleep or rest and sick, their emotion are more towards on the angry mood. So can't blame me for being like this...

I respect but doesn't mean that my kindest can be taken for granted. I offer to look after my two boys as you're sick previously, I have been looking after them for one week or more than that. All by myself, you all did nothing much actually.

Now the time is already midnight 01:10am and everything falls asleep. Yes finally the two boys are sleeping now, the rest just went to sleep like no body business. I would like to thank my hubby for helping out to put Javier for bed.

So yes! I'm the last one to sleep once again, actually I don't wish to mention anything but somehow I just find it that's it's unfair. I know they are my kids but you all have the responsibility to look out and help out as well. 

Now I'm sick, really sick like a person who is coughing and about to die die to shortness of breath. Lol! But nobody cares about me, just keep mentioning about the health of two boys.

Got home from work or not just let me settle them most of the night. When especially I got home after work, it's really stressful and tiring.

After a long day of work, would like to take a short rest at home but it's impossible. 

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