Good night

It's Friday night and I'm here to blog about my good night post. Just put my two beautiful prince to bed hehe! Love them so much, but just have to improve myself more for putting them to bed. Dislike my anger ...

As for hubby he works night shift today and follow by the coming weekends. So tomorrow morning my parent will fetch me to Hougang home. Wanted to thank them a million for coming here and there! I love you all ❤️

In the afternoon I went to meet Sister at Waterway Point and her Friend, Emily :) once again I bought a Long sleeve shirt for myself and it's the very first time I bought things from H&M outlet! Haha! I wanted to wear as a pajamas as I sleep in air conditioners. Kind of like it and it cost $19.90, worth it!? Haha

Can't believe that my beloved Sister bought me a branded wallet! My mouth just open so wide and it can't be close haha the first in my life time.

I can't really get the good angle and contrast as I'm kind of rush to take the photo haha! Wanted to thank my one and only Sister for this awesome gift, random gift! Haha! I love it~ a lot ❤️

Have my late dinner at after 8pm ... Salad for dinner, thousand island and strawberry but sadly that I forgotten to buy cherry tomato haha so just have a few for tonight.

Yup! Supper I have instand noodle, chicken abalone flavour. I always regret to have it after i have already eaten half so I did not manage to finish up all.

Alright time is reaching midnight soon, Guess I'll better be heading for bed now! Hehe tomorrow family day !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Goooooood Night~

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