Shopping with hubby ❤️ hehe

We went Isetan at first to look for luggage but the prices are not what we expected haha! So I suggest hubby that FairPrice do sell luggage as well...

We did bought luggage from FairPrice haha! There points for member as well, one shot hit two bird lol haha

We bought the standard size for the luggage instead of the hand carry. Cause we thought of future that we might have chances to use it hehe!

Usual price was $200++ but it's having a special offer of $100++ and kind of worth it.

After we bought the luggage we went around the mall and hubby mention that he wanted to get some clothes over to Bali Trip. So I suggested Uniqlo haha! 

Me and hubby bought couple tee hehe! Mackey mouuuuuse haha! Was surprise that it's a last day of special offer price of $12.90 per piece! 

Hubby purchase one more piece of the Mickey Mouse tee! Haha sorry please don't mind baby Javier's feet hehe!

Hope hubby and everyone who's going for the Bali trip to have a safe and peaceful trip throughout. God bless!

Once we got home we were bonding with out beloved two darling boys. Hehe! Especially hubby, he will be going for his trip tomorrow.  

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