I'm so happy now!!! ^^ my ITE stuffy everything are settled! hehe~ Thanks to 어빠~ 고마워! 하하~ Oh ya!!! I've dyed my hair to Dark Chocolate! hehe! hmmm~ kinda like it ^^ But i mis my natural colour hair! HAHA~

Woah~ so fast!!! next week is CNY 0.0 awwww~~~~ I miss eating Reunion dinner haha! ^^
어빠 have help me check with his friend that 2nd hand ipod or itouch cost $180, cause the psp spoiled I wanna buy some MP3 stuff =P BUT! I also have to save up for SHINee concert!!!! SAD!

Uncle Ben is coming back this sunday but I'm working ㅠ.ㅠ he bought bah kwa!!!! 오모!!!! Thanks! ^~^ have been few years didn't get the chance to eat bah kwa haha Sooo~ miss it haha =)

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