" May our love last long forever and ever! Let's create happiness and fun in the future~ let stay more happiness than before! I LOVE YOU~ let us stay healthy and happiness everyday!!! MUACKS!!! " ^^

Morning!!! really a very "Good" morning!!! *yawn* sigh! didn't have a good night! seriously~ cause like the world wake me up~ OMG! My family members, the primary school, my nighbour, the coffee shop and the rubbish side area!!! oh my~~~ T~T

Later going over LaoGong house hehe!!! later meeting LaoGong, he just wake up but he's gonna late for his morning pray Lol! hmm~ not sure bout today events yet!? haha =] LaoGong so silly! Saturday work till so late still go home and come down find me again cause his mummy called him to bring me some hand made Keuy by his mummy ^^ SAD!!! I haven get the time to eat yet! sigh~ ...

Yesterday ended work rushed home for going over LaoGong house cause LaoGong mummy called me to go over for dinner, they got prayed at home so there's quite a lot of dish to eat! haha~ I ate so full!!! I love the soup~~~ ^^ HEHE! sigh~ I've called mummy to brew cook the herbs chicken yesterday which I've told her and she said today cause daddy scold don't put the chicken too long! and it cost $5+ for just half of the black chicken! Lol~ sigh! ... so mean today after dinner at LaoGong's house I've 2nd round of dinner!? supper at home!!! OMG~~~

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