Today's the day... once a year time ^^ Reunion dinner!!!~ hehe~~~ SIGH!!! and today's appointment result!? DISAPPOINTED!!! Sad~~~~ ㅠ.ㅠ Went Hougang Mall with mama after we came back from the appointment and walk pass McD! I was~ O~M~G!!! O.O Full and crowded with people!!! haha~ woah!!!~

I was thinking what will happened when I'm working!? Tomorrow and Weekends!!! oh my~~~ haha! oh ya~ Friday I can't able to work LOL! cause too rush I'm visting my relative that day hehe ^^ Hope I'm able to cancel!? No offense!!! to anyone~ =P

ㅎㅎ~ 헬로 베이비 시즌 3 !!!
티 아라 하하! ^^ 진짜~ 귀엽다!!! 맨슨!~~

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