Heelllllllloo~~!!! =] HEHE~
yesterday was fun!!!!!! ^^ went for Valentine's Dinner with~~~ OMG!!! lots of people haha! =] hmm~~~ let me recall!... There's Karine & her husband, Geok Leng, Andy, Bee Bee, Kimberly, Jennifer & her sister, Dino and Joan woah~~~ HAHA! =P

Sad!!! can't get to see my appeal result !!! Don't know what's going on! T~T I can't even login! LOL! sigh~~~ have to wait till korkor came back from camp I'll then can solve it!? OMG 0.0
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I reaaaaaaalllllllyy!!!! really seriously wanna get iphone 4~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEHEHEHE! But~!!! I hope papa could lend me some money OOPS! =|

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