Hello! Posting at this time, before I go to sleep! Don't know why!? ... Haha! Guess I feel sad! Just took my blood test... Sigh! It's was high! Think I eat too much for my dinner!!! I'm really scared and stress!!! Feeling so inhuman ... Sad! Tomorrow heading for blood test! Need to wake up early in the morning! Omg~ TIREDDDDDD! Really tired! After that meeting naughty for breakfast, movie! And then lastly naughty house! Hehe!!! Oh ya! Tomorrow I'm going to buy my Miss Tay birthday present! Haha! It's 4th July! ^^ tomorrow watching The Amazing Spider Man! Hehehe!!! ^^ finally going out for movie with naughty! But I've like a few more movies wanna watch it! Think I have to I sleep now! If not my blood sugar more high due for not sleeping much! Hahaha!!!

Gooooooood night!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet dreams to all!!! ^^ rest well and sleep tight!!! Sweet sweet baby! Haha ^^

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