heyyyyy! helloooooo~ ^^ I'm back haha! Just reached home from work, using bro computer as he's having shower now haha! I'm waiting for my turn to use the washroom, I wanna use the kitchen washroom instead of the master bed room cause there's heater hahaha!!! I'll post the picture of my heater someday! Purpleeeeee~ ^.^ kekekeke!

Yesterday went out with Jovelle, one of my neighbor kids haha! Me and my sister celebrate her birthday early, her birthday falls on the 8th November which we're not free ... bought her an Girl's generation bottle haha! cute~ Went PS for Just Acia it's fun and we did photo, I'll upload all the picture on my next visit on blogger haha! ... went back to HGM for cheesecake haha! and bought her McD for dinner too! hehehe ... She's adorable and so sad no much people concern or even care bout her ... poor thing! ...

I got home and took picture of myself ! hehe! SMILE~ ^^
OMG! my brother is really taking so long inside the washroom! I bet he's smoking inside ... cause I can smell it! Smellssssss man!... ARGGGGGHHHHH!!! ... waitingggggg .... I'm so tired and sleepyyyyy!~~~~~ oh god .... yawnnnnnnnnnn~

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