Heeeeeeeeello! ^^ hehe! Finally I'm free to post haha! ermmm~ I mean Ive the heart to post XD Really thought of wanting to post during the past few days but lazy to type haha! sad that This new updated blogger setting I doesn't like it cause it links to Google+ !? I prefer and love the original setting! sighhhhh~ new one I finds it trouble some omg! Headache! ... hmmmm! let's start ~ ^^

Recently there's attachment manager came to our store cause our store manager are clearing off and maybe AL!? haha! There's one from CPP I doesn't really likes him so papaya! the most impression is the manager from Kovan! hahaha!!! Steve~ :))) tomorrow is from AMK ... hmmmm! not sure what will it be like!? ... heheheheeeee! My Miss Tay came back from USA~~~ OMG! envyyyyyy! haha! she bought perfume for me! Purple color~ ^^ So sweet of her and sadly that she didn't get to buy for the management people cause she didn't get the chance to buy it! she intend to go Chinatown but the time didn't meet so she missed it ...

Present is not the point! safe trip is always what I asked for ! ^^

After designing the promotion of BLT! and now~ end of year! cooling weather!~ It's CHRISTMAS! ohhhhhh boyyyy! Headache again~ Gonna busy once again! ... Mummy Choon Yen is so smart to call me for help hahaha!!! But all the hard works really paid off haha! we did it well and everything's worth it ^^ suffer till late night for decorations but work early in the morning next day! haha! Actually it's fun :))) We planned to go DAISO to shop for the decorations! haha!

oopssss! I'm already feeling sleepy now when I'm posting haha! But I''ll finish what I have to~ Gonna post pictures later on hehe! cause I need some time to search and think bout it too~ haha!

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