Have a wonderful day today!

Hi~ it's Wednesday already... I wake up in the morning and I melted when the minute I saw my beautiful boy sleeping besides me hehehe! Having a hard time to look after two of them alone in the night but I'm glad to do that.

Today Javier will be going for his Therapy appointment at KKH. I do really really hope and praying so hard that we will no longer need to go for the appointment after today. So wish that we will be able to discharge and get an open dates after today.

Guess what!!!!! Baby Javier is really doing good and development progress is so well and smooth too! So baby Javier really no longer need to go for the therapy appointment in future! thank god! God bless~! Gooooood job baby Javier ❤️ yay~

Me and hubby went for our first meal after the appointment ... it's was lunch time haha! I have vegetarian for my brunch and it taste not that bad actually. there's also free bowl of soup hahaha!

Actually me and hubby intended to go SGH and get MIL eye drop medication together with Baby Javier but we scared that we might waste time for traveling here and there together.  We are also afraid that there's not enough time to fetch Jerald as we told the school that we put Jerald for half day which is till 1pm.

So we decided that I bring Javier back home first before I went to fetch Jerald home. But hubby proceeds to SGH alone and I alight at Boonkeng MRT station to walk home. While omw home the sky turns dark and it starts to rain, I'm kind of panick so I really speed up and rush to cross the roads and reach the HDB flats.

when I got home Javier has already fall asleep while on the way home and it was really raining but lucky that the rain is not that big or not I will have difficulties fetching Jerald home haha!

After I fetched Jerald home for a while hubby came home, I let hubby rest for a while before we bring Jerald out. so I settle my laundry first and touch up some of other things in the house. We actually plan to bring Jerald to Underwater World SG but in the end we decided not to haha! just because we're kind of lazy oops!

Tadaaaaa~ in the end we brought Jerald to City Sqaure mall for a walk. We also brought him to TimeZone as so called Arcade to play some games and we nearly spent $50 on it hahaha!

seeeeee! he's really enjoying himself, eating the McFlurry Ice cream hahaha!!!

He was so excited and happy when we brought him out to the mall! he just kept wanting to come out the pram and head to the arcade. 

Haha! Toddlers really do have sweet tooths~ really Glad and happy that Jerald was enjoying himself today.

Also glad that he ate some snacks that I seldom allow him to. Cause I doesn't like my boys to eat sweet stuff, especially sweet, chocolate and ice cream... haha

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