throwback 26/05/16, Thursday

Wanted to do a post throwback of Thursday, 26th May ... Me and hubby brought Jerald to Pororo Park as that day we have a meet up with our dearest Friend, Jennifer Estola and her family.

We went out in the afternoon and before leaving the house I was packing the bag. I've been reminding myself that I've got to bring the socks for the Pororo park but in the end~ I still forgotten. No choice but still got to purchase a new pair of socks for each of use haha! $3.50 per pair.

It's a weekday and not yet school holidays so it's really not that crowded and it's kind of quiet actually haha! jerked was having runny nose actually and also the place was really cold so I decided to change his top to a Long sleeve.

He was really so happy, so excited when we got there. He really have so much fun and I believe he did enjoy a lot, so do I haha!

After having fun at the Pororo Park we went for our meal, I was really really so hungry actually haha! we did bought a nugget set meal for Jerald and we proceed to The Galleries Food Court for our meal. 

Wanted to ordered the Japanese food for myself but in the end I would like to try the western. I regretted somehow haha because it doesn't really taste that good, doesn't really have the standard I guess ...

After our meal me and hubby actually discussed how are we suppose to get over to MBS. I've told hubby that it's better to take transport instead of walking over although the distance it's kind of near.

We look through the SG map App and follow the direction it shows us. we walk over to the Millenia Walk and just nice we're kind of stuck so we just took the CC line train from Promenate to Bayfront station.

when we reach the place we just follow the sign board haha! it's the first time and we went there but sad is that we didn't take any photo together or even snap photo of the hotel and the view.

I save the photo from my friends FB because we did not take selfies as well haha! She went to Canada for almost three years and this time round she came back to SG for a visit and holiday for around a week. After that she will be going back to her hometown, Philippines with her parent and Husband.

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