throwback on Saturday~

As usual on the Saturday, hubby brought me and my two boys back to my mama house. Hubby works afternoon shift, so we put the two boys with my family and then went down 435 coffee shop to have our very first meal. We have chicken rice and somehow I find that the chicken rice doesn't really taste as great as before nowadays.

kekeke! muahahahaha! once again still got pamper by my siblings and family! My Brother ordered Domino's pizza~ hehe! yum yum~

I really love eating, love pizza! and they knew that hahaha! really thankful and excited when every time I got home because I feels like I've got treated like a small kids, feed with so much good food!

We did ordered the Lava Cake from Domino's Pizza, the dessert really taste good! loving it actually~ haha! but I really have to look out for my diet and sugar already! omg~

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