Wednesday, 03.05.2017

This day I went Kovan wet market with my mum. I have my breakfast before I meet my mum because I was really too hungry. Send my boys to school and my MIL go for Boon Keng market so I went home and prepare to go out and meet my mum. Have McD for my breakfast, I ordered Sausage Muffin instead of Sausage Muffin with Egg haha! I was afraid that I'm unable to finished the whole meal, ordered Green Tea for my drink.

I have my breakfast at Boon Keng McD and took MRT to Kovan and meet my mum after having my breakfast. Went for wet market to get fish, corn and vegetables, after wet market we returned to the mall for toilet before we go NEX mall haha


My mum was really wanting to get a good and comfortable shoes as she saw her sister shoes, which the one who came to SG and stay for a week with her daughter. So I told her that I'll bring her to the store and take a look for shoes that she wants, in the end she wants the one that same with her sister haha! Cost $89 after 50% discount of $100+, I paid the shoes first and then my brother and sister return me the amount to me.


After buying the shoes for her we went NTUC and the have our lunch together before going home. I ordered Japanese bento and eat together, at first my mum wanted to eat Mix Veg Rice but to me it's really kind of expensive. I rather she have something tastier hehe!


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