Sunday, 23/04/2017 [THROWBACK]

This day it's the day my KL Aunty and her daughter went back to their hometown, which I'm unable to send them off to Airport. Morning I brought my boys to the nearby playground and all by myself, my husband is busy I think, can't really remember. My MIL is settling the laundry and the boys are making noise, DD keep wanting me to wear his shoes for him and bring him out. Korkor also keep wanting to go out too, so I brought them out together without informing my husband and MIL, cause they hack care hahaha!


They were having so much fun and I'm really so glad that I've actually brought them out haha! shortly my husband came to join us cause he and MIL was worry that I can't handle two all by myself, it's alright! I'm strong on the inside.


After about and hour I guess and we headed home ... Hubby brought along some cash so that we could buy lunch before heading home.

My sister sent me this photo, their farewell lunch with my Aunt and I guess that they cooked again. Almost the same dish? Also my father side eldest Aunt came over to my parent house as well.


Really hope in future they're able to come out to SG and gather with us ...

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