10 years already !

Hello! I would like to share something that makes me really so surprised, oh god! I was posting some throwback post just now and I was scrolling down my blog, randomly I just click on the History. I scroll all the way down to the history that the year I first started to blog, it was year 2007 and till now it's 2017. I was so surprised that it's already 10 years that I've been blogging!!! Last month is exactly the month of 10 years :D I'm really so glad that I've already gone this far actually haha!

From Secondary school to graduate, from working days after secondary school graduated till I starts dating, from dating till I'm married with kids and now I'm still blogging and already have two kids. It really do feels kind of wonderful ^.^ My life would be greater, I will also stay stronger for my boys and my future. FIGHTING~

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