Saturday, 08/04/2017 [THROWBACK]

Hello~ I'm here to post some throwback post ... Have been busy working and of cause I've got to busy with the house and my boys ... Feel really lazy and tired to switch on my laptop for blogging. Even though I have blogger apps in my iPad but I really feel so sleepy and tired at the end of the day when I'm free to post on blog. I just went for bed haha!

Alright, this post I wanted to share that actually that day me and my elder brother went to Compass One, SengKang shopping mall to get some food and dessert. We went out at about 3pm plus and got back home less than an hour time. 

My elder son, just being really funny so I took selfie with him since he was making funny faces when having fun playing with my phone camera haha! 


Somehow I'm loving this selfie photo of me and my boy, this photo just look so great than I expected.

Was craving for Mos Burger, my all times favorite and I did tried a new burger as I've always been eating Fish burger and Teriyaki Chicken burger. So this time I've tried Hokkaido Croquette burger instead as me and my family can't eat beef meat. I'll try the Chicken Burger next time hehe!


I've bought Teriyaki Chicken burger set and Hokkaido Croquette burger set, add in two Fish burger, Two cups of Mushroom soup and Five pcs of Nugget. Everything cost less than $30.

We also bought desserts from a stored named "Nine Fresh". My first tried and it's really good, especially the durian flavor. We also bought Bubble tea from cup walker, it's worth the price and I've always love drinking cup walker since I'm a secondary student. haha!


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