Saturday, 06.05.2017

I've always eat more food on Saturday than usual days haha! cause my family always get to feed me on this day, they really loves me and dotes me still and same to my two boys hehe! We always look forward to every Saturday ^.^

Alright, this is a post of last Saturday, I get the chance to head out and buy food when two of my boys are having their afternoon nap. I went Compass One to get some fast food, bubble tea drinks and of cause dessert hahaha! MOS Burger, Cup Walker, and Nine Fresh ...

This time I bought the dessert, me and my sister taste the durian and it's kind of sour. It makes me think for a second thoughts whether I should buy it again in the future haha!



The best part is that I get to eat food that my mum and sister cook although some times I doesn't really used to the taste of the food they cooked. But I'll just eat no matter what because it's really a blessed to be serve by my family when I'm already married haha!

Sister cooked tomato fried egg, this is the tomato egg that I've seen mostly outside the food store. But for MIL she will peeled the tomato skin, cut into slices and then chopped into smaller pcs and it's more like a tomato omelette.

Sister also cooked stir fried egg noodle and this time with broccoli in it, really tasted good especially the broccoli hehe! Love it! so yummy :D


Lastly my mum cooked chicken curry and is way too spicy till we added quite a few table spoons of sugar and oyster sauce wahahaha! so so funny~~~


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