Friday, 12.05.2017

THANK YOU! to my one and only Hubby!~ 💋❤️

This day when me and MIL brought the boys out and on our way waiting for the traffic light to cross and go for school. I saw the sky is already dark and I snap a few photos of it, really it's kind of early to rain and it might rain for the whole day and was kind of worried. Because the day before I've already planned wanting to bring MIL out for a walk and treats her to eat McD Chocolate cone ice cream. Which I've gone discount from the surprised app.

So really glad and thank god that the rain slowly stops and we headed out to take bus over to NEX mall. I wanted to get a toaster oven and just nice a day that it's hubby's off day so I get hubby to help and look out which brand of toaster oven if better


Tadaaaaa~ the bottom photo is the oven that hubby bought for me, I'm really so thankful! Love oyu so muchhhhh hubby hehe! It costs $89.90 and we took cab home as we bought some other stuff and also the boys diapers haha!

When we got home we did make a fast one to clear and arrange some space for this new oven, wanted to thank hubby for this oven and his help, so as MIL for helping out too. Wanting to get a oven it's because I wanted to bake some cupcakes or muffin for my upcoming Crew outing, as I've quite a lot of leftover cupcakes cases. What I need is to get those ingredients that I need for the cakes or muffins. A busy month haha!


Thank you Hubby! hehe! Love you so so much~ Although Mother's Day is here but you did not mention that you'll get anything for me. So I'll just take it that this oven is the gift for me on this year mother's day haha! It's alright to get anything, the most matter is to get something we really wanted and it's useful.

I know hubby won't get me any roses, cakes or romantics stuff because he's not that romantic and thoughtful person of getting gifts hahaha!

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