Saturday, 15/04/2017 [THROWBACK]

Posting a throwback post... This day is really a memorable day for me cause me and hubby brought the boy to take transport together to go back my mum's house. They were so happy especially DiDi omggg! he's just sooooo cuteeee~ I took photos of him while taking the MRT train hehe!



Took selfie with DiDi because he just so excited and happy, he imitates me by showing his teethes when taking selfie haha!


KorKor was also feeling so happy as me and hubby rarely bring them out together and especially no prams at all haha! I feel glad too, to let them have a walk and used up some energy so that they can sleep well haha! By the way we all wear the same color of tee shirts that day hehe!


I remember that day I woke up from my afternoon nap and asked my brother and sister whether they would like eat Texas Chicken haha! My brother really satisfied me, we ordered quite a lot oops! Thank you all for always feeding me. 

Randomly took selfie with my beloved sister hehe!  there's a few photos but I decided to post this because I find this photo look great, both of us are looking at the camera with the same expression! *LOVE*

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