Saturday, 29/04/2017

This day my Aunt (姑妈) came over to my parent house, she reached before me haha! She bought quite a lot of food for AMK, Laksa! LoMee (卤面)! and Roasted Duck! Didn't get to take photo too bad. But In the afternoon around 3pm plus we all went Compass One together except DD as he is sleeping and my father to look after DD at home.

Me, my elder son, my Aunt, my Mum, My sister, brother. We took bus over to Compass One, we straight away went to Cold Storage to get some stuff and groceries for dinner. I intend to cook haha! but after shopped for groceries my Aunt wanted to eat KFC so we went, meanwhile my elder son keep making a fuss and keep asking for McD ice cream. So I've got no choice but to get a McFlurry over to KFC and let him eat it, but in the end he falls asleep in the cab when we went home after eating.

A few experience mummies and teachers also says that, whenever a kids is making a fuss, it means that they are really tired already and wanted to sleep actually.


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