Friday, 21/04/2017 [THROWBACK]

This day, is my mum's birthday. I meet up my sister, mum and KL aunt with her daughter for lunch and also brought them to Vivo City for a walk and the view outside to take some photos. Firstly I meet them at Plaza Singapura and we went Just Acia for our lunch. Mum did mention to me that she wanted to go Just Acia few days before her birthday so I told sister and we discussed and decides where to go on my mum's birthday.


Photos at the bottom, we took the photos at HarbourFront views. I uploaded this two photos that looks the best haha! That tall girl is my Aunt daughter, really have grown up so much and I really have a good time with her and my Aunt for that few days. Brought them out for a walk too, I cancelled my work schedule just wanting to bring them around Singapore. But somehow I didn't make it to bring them over to Sentosa, really hope in the future I'll be able to bring them to tourist places around Singapore.



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