Omg!!! I'm gonna put on weight~~~ HAHA! Have my dinner at this time~ gosh! Supper time! :( anyway~ have beard papa and four leaves bread for dinner! Haha~ will upload pictures tomorrow cause my phone can't upload! Have to wait till night time cause I'm working tomorrow~ haha! Ohhhh! I bought a Stitch portable charger for sister!!! Sooooooo~ cuteeeeeee!!! ^~^ hehe!!! Sister use Samsung Galaxy 2~ ... Gonna rest and get ready to sleep soon! Work tomorrow~ ... Sighhhhhhhhh!!!! HEHE~ =P

[photo uploads on 22/02/2012 ]

Oh ya!!!~~~ can't forget this! ... Saddddddd! Sorry dear dear LaoGong~ let you go home late again!!! Sighhhhh~ although you said it's alright every time but I still feel bad cause you still got work the next day early in the morning! ... Sad~ ... LOVE YOU!!! MUACKS~ ^^

Good Night!!! =]
바이바이~ ...

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