HEHE!!! hello~~~ ^^ I'm sooooooooooooo seriously! DAMN happy now!!! Guess I can sleep well and sound now!? hope so haha! went for appointment today, everything are so awesome well done ^^ hehe~ " GOOD JOB! KEEP IT UP! YOU CAN DO IT! " all my nurses, doctor and dietitian told me to! I'm so glad I've walk this far! *applauds* hehe =3 Congrates to me! I get to inject once every morning prep breakfast, although is good but I've really have to be moreeeee careful on my diet, but still I have to exercise and even eat more! ... STRESS! plussss~ I need and is a must for me to eat my medicine on time now~ saddddd ...

Doctor add a new tablet for me, for not to get myself typo!? I guess haha~ and change a better insulin! is an 24 hours insulin. It's kinda like novarapid color but better for me haha! sigh~ what I can say is! "whew~~~" I can finally relax now! but will keep on track on it! Have to take my blood test almost everyday prep meal time .... sadddddddd~ so many hold on my finger! hahaha~ I'll keep the good job and improve it every time! ^^ 화이팅~~~ 아자아자!!! ㅎㅎ~

Went Kovan to have KFC with sister! OH YAAAA~ Needa Thanks sister for accompany me to go for appointment and sorry to let her spent her precious time waiting for me the whole afternoon! I admit~ seriously waiting KILLS! haha~ LOVE YOU! my sweetie sister! :D Sister having test!? exams!? tomorrow hope sister will get a good result! haha~ GOOD LUCK! *loves* HEHE! We're so funny at the Clinic while waiting haha! said jokes and gossip haha! so as we're freezing like hell! Oh Boy~~~ ... Can't stop entering air con places and I was like "air con again!? 0_0 Oh~ Come onnnnnnn~~~! " *shivering* LOL! =]

And YA! Before I post this I uploaded the pictures and edit on the Monday outing! haha~ its kinda late but I did upload it! and I did almost forgot! oops~ =P HEHE! Alright~ thats all for today! Hope everyone have a nice!? beautiful day! ^^ see ya~ MUACKS!!!

Miss you!!! my dearest LaoGong~ hope you're doing well! wonder did you get to eat anything!? ... sad~ LOVE YOU! ^^ hehe!

GOOD NIGHT! *kiss*

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