Heeeeello! Afternoon~ ^^ hehe! I'm off today! Yeah~ and I get to meet DearDear today! Awesome! What a good day! Hehe! I'm now on my way to meet DearDear! What a colddddd day~ oh boy! But I'm kinda love it =] drizzly rain~ ... Going over DearDear house for today ^^Y have a little argument on few days ago! Oops~ a littttttle awkward to go over his house hahahaaaaa! But you feel great when everything are solved! I LOVE U~~~ ^.^ hehe

I'm working tomorrow! Hmmm~~~ lazy to work~ =P have been tired for couple of days! WAITING! omg!!! HEADACHE~ ... Woke up early morning just to go for appointment, clinic and SGH! Saddddd ... Really not enough rest! I want sleeeeeep!!! Sighhhhhh ... HEADACHEEEEE!!! Is killing me~ ... Working like zombies!!! Haha~

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