Hello!!!! hehe! Get to use computer of Korkor's haha~ Have KFC for dinner just now, korkor ordered! Didn't get to have my lunch due to work, they let me go for break quite early! 11am plus! but I end work at 5pm! lol! stupid me! haha! Today last second day of the McD first promotion! OMG! ANGRY! Really in a damn mess, breakfast really too messy and busy!!! I rather just serve lunch! haha! sigh! I don't even know tomorrow how are we going to survive! ... God Bless us!!!! ... TIREDDDDDD~~~~ ... fed up ! Shall just continue with some pictures of my chalet haha!!!

I'm so happy that my both best friend actually came !!! ^^ I love you guys sooooooo damn MUCH! Thanks for the present! really appreciated a lot! The first present that my friends gave me! haha!!! I miss you guys so much! really been a very long time since we last gather together haha!

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