Hellooooooo! ^^ hehe! I'm back to continue posting the mid month post haha! LOL! Oh damn! I was freaking out when Miley Cyrus cuts off her bun!!! But I feel so proud to be a smiler, she cuts off her but just to donate to the cancer children! awww!!! I LOVE YOU! Miley ^^
Oh ya! I wanna get this series of Marie Caire!! ^^ hehe! Gorgeous to the max~~~ can't find it in SG! waitinggggg~ :)))

17th August, Friday! I was on iTunes and I saw this! I was OMGGGG!!! excited and happy! like jumping haha!!! ^^ But finally I got the album hehe! Lovvvvvvvvveee it ! MUACKS~

20th August, Monday! Public holiday, Hari Raya! hehe! But this image looks creepy, looks a bit like offering right!? actually is A4 size paper, not sure why all over the road haha!

Afternoon went lunch with Choon Yen Ah Buuuuu~~~ ^^ hehe! Went for Pizza Hut instead, actually we've decide to go McCafe for drinks and cakes but in the end the store was crowded as she been called to start work early so we went Pizza hut! I lovvvveee Pizzaaaaa!!! YUMMYYYYY~~~ ^^

24th August, Friday! Went NEX shopping mall with Choon Yen Ah Buuuuu!!! ^^ heheeeee! we walk and shop around! suddenly thought of having ice cream haha! so went Anderson's for it ... hmmm! doesn't taste that nice but the ice is real good! haha!

Love this picture! but also makes me feel real sad ... Hubby also upset and sad to see this ... he said that he's an bad guy and not fit to be with me ... OMG! really makes me cry so much ... got this scar on the 23rd August, Thursday ...

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