Good Morning! ^^ hehe! loooovvvvee the weather ... so cooling! ... today its the last day of August! and it's my best friend birthday!!! ^.~ hehe!!!

Yesterday have some conflict during work, seriously I really can't stand to work with this kind of BITCH! She thought she have a lot of experience! SHIT YOU~ ... really dislike this kind of people, just came into this industry now long and you're so proud of it! manager so what! You think I'm scared! I don't give any fuck ok! 掰明就是针对我嘛!王八蛋!我很不服你~

I'm also angry of how the way Mr Tay talks to me! if you're not happy of the way I talk then i can just go home if I'm not happy, when I got mad! things will get worst! you can't save the fire! I mean what I said! When I'm showing black faces you all asked me why, tell you guys! now I really think! what the fuck I tell you guys for!??? I rather shut up anyway I'm just giving problems to you all ... I really quitting this job! SUCKS MAN!
I'm done with all this SHIT! Bye!

Later meeting sister around evening time to buy some bakery stuff! hehe!!! I wanna bake cheese cake and maybe cookies!!! hehe! cannot wait! sister said bake it tonight haha! cause I'm working on the weekends! so sad! stupid schedule ... messing me up ... sigh!

But really I miss all those time gathering with my family ... I really spent to much time on the stupid job! ANGRY! waste half of my life time! Idiot! ... so sad~

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