Afternoon!!! ^^ heheeeee~ I'm now all alone at home! LOL! Mummy went Polyclinic for her appointment and sister went out for job interview! I'm off todayyyyy! YEAH! ^^Y Just done with all my previous blog post like finally! Later after this post I'm gonna go search for receipts hehe! ^^ oh ya! I just eaten this hehe! Almost forgotten that I bought all the salad dressing and leave all inside the Fridge without touching or evening eating it haha!
Yesterday went AMK hub around 4pm plus to meet hubby for movie! hehe! finally we get to watch movie! it's like been a long time .. miss those days! After that went sport links at AMK central lucky bought hubby jacket that he wants haha! Hubby got even today! went for Dinner ... hmmm! the food is not bad but the service is kinda weird! order on serving table but have to go counter and pay after our orders, like stupid! ...
Bought theis shoe bag for sister cause I remember that she needs it haha! cost $20 but after discount by NTUC member is $18 also not bad! haha
Watch this yesterday! OMG! so cooooooool! and funny haha! I'm gonna find part one and watch it hehe!!!

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