Good eveningggggg! ^^ It's kinda late now! bed timeeeeee~ It's the first post of the month! Really gonna be very busy this few months, will not be posting recently! ... Having hard times working nowadays, don't know why! I think maybe store just done renovates not long ago! Stress man~ Now we're having McCafe! OH GOD! The McCafe is really damn small and squeeze but don't look down on it, it can contain more than four people inside hahaha!!! Actually I wish to learn McCafe but it's not my turn yet although all CL need to learn, but I wish I could become beanies but boss don't allow me as she got some plans for me! OMG! Hope everything's go on well and smoothly! ...

Today another awesome job for me, caramel burst again from the BIM! leak once again! I'll be expert of cleaning that already! haha! -__- Upcoming weeks there's a serious and crazy promotion! ... sighhhhh!

YEAH! tomorrow is national dayyyyy!!! and I'm working haha! But having two days off after that ^^Y hehe! Anyway Happy One Year Six Months Anniversary to me and hubbbbbbbyyyy!!! ^.^ hehe!!! MUACKSSSSSSSSSS~ I LOVVVVVVVVVEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!
we went for celebration dinner earlier cause hubby is not free on the actual day, he's really busy with! sad~! hope hubby take good care of himself! ^^

Bought this todayyyyyy! omggggggg~ Can't wait for the album to be release! ^^

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