Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ^^ hehe~ really been a very loooooooooooong~ time since I last posted! really didn't post much! so sad~ no updates of my blog huh!? haah~ oh well! I'll try my very bessssst to blog often ^^haha! Actually I'm tired and lazy to post haha~ :P Today BC came down to our store! was seriously a bad news and in bad condition! He FAIL! us and DANG IT! so saddddddd~ ... what to do~!? ... sigh!

Tomorrow Needa accompany mummy for her dental appointment at Polyclinic sigh! so don't feel like going! haha~ Tuesday is my day once again!!! ^^Y hehe~ "14th Month Anniversary" MUACKS!!!! Then Wednesday is my turn to go for my appointment, diabetic center at SGH! so sad~ ... I really hate appointment, waste my time and money! so irritated of it ... sigh! but I can't help! really sad~... thought of giving up~! ... hahahaha!! ^^

Few weeks a go I bought this!!! ^~^ But really don't know when will I have the time to read all this!??? oopssss~ :D

"NICHOLAS SPARKS" ... hehe~ THE LAST SONG movie I've watched, I even bought the DVD! =]]] THE LUCKY ONE I bought the novel but haven get to watch the movie yet! sad~ will watch it soon! ... hope so!? haha~ SAD! that I missed the LOL movie!!! sighhhh~~~ is the movie will released the DVD I'm sure gonna get it! ^^ hehe~ MILEY CYRUS!!!!! In love with her~ hehe

"JODI PICOULT" another awesome author! =]]] love the story line! MY SISTER'S KEEPER I also didn't get to see the movie but bought/read the novel! It is really great ^^

HEHE!!! 샤이니~~~ 4th 미니 앨범 "셜록 (SHERLOCK)" 대박 ^^ finally it's on my hand now! =]]] hehehehe~~~

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