Hello!!! Hehe! It's Mother's day today!!! Feeling so tired! Meet naughty at NEX in the afternoon awhile then meet sister at kovan, we went farrer park after that! Ate McD and then back to hougang mall again! Haha~ sister finally bought clothes! She said no clothes to wear haha! We bought two flowers for mummy too! Hehe

Yesterday I went USS! Omg~~~ can die!!! I ride the roller coaster~~~~ *SCREAMMMMM!* Haha!!! I'll upload the picture soon! I have so much! Fun! And it's MeiHui belated birthday celebration outing! Haha! here's the photo! damn lots of it! ^^ hehe

The ticket queue was kinda long! haha! took us around 15 minutes!? I was so excited!!!

went for transformer on our first ride! the awesome thing is! when is our turn and we set off almost half of the ride technical break down! hahaha! we were like stuck for like 20 minutes! haha! so funny! we get to go for the second ride with express way! hehe

After that we went for lunch!!! so love this burger meal ^~^ yummmmyyy~~~ hehe!

HEHE! this the most funny and interesting part! and also the part that I love the most! haha!!! ^^ needa thanks to the photo taker! seriously she did a greaaaaat job man! ^^

Went for mummy ride!!! omg!!! vomit! haha~ better than the roller coaster!!! DAMN IT~ haha!!! I bet that I'll not go for the second ride! haha!!!

Dinosaur!!! ^^ hehe~

went to washroom ! photo taking time!! LOL~

Went back to vivo city for dinner! haha!

I've enjoy soooooooo damn much!!! ^^ hehe~ it was damn fun and interesting day! hope I'll get to go again! hehe! Think next trip I'll go with naughty!!! or maybe sister too!? oh booooy! ^~^


  1. Woah ! You went to USS? Nice ! How much per entry? I would love to go there ! :D

    1. hehe! yup! I went with my friends~ hmmm! if I'm not wrong it's $75 on weekends (peak time) and $65 on weekdays (non-peak)


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