Hello! ^.^ I'm here for some throwback post. Last Friday in the morning I went out after I brought Jerald to school and went home for a bath before I actually went out. So the first thing after I went out is to feed myself, I went Boon Keng McDonald for breakfast haha! I went out is because Mother in law wanted me to get some nice Chocolate for her to bring over to Batam on the Passed Saturday.

After having my breakfast I went NEX mall and I was rushing actually as a Javier have appointment at the Polyclinic. But when I got home and check for the appointment time I have realised that I've actually seen the wrong date. It turns up to be 16th Nov instead. Hahahaha! I'm such a blur~

In the end I decided to meet up my sister for late lunch... We went Plaza Singapura, we have our lunch at Hong Kong Café, Xin Wang. The restaurant is kind of worth to go for :D Sister ordered herself a Iced Macau Coffee! ($3.90)

I was actually not so sure what drinks to order and I thought of Iced Lychee tea but sister suggest me the Iced honey lemon drink and I'm glad that I listen to my sister suggestion haha! Loving the Iced honey lemon ^^ ( $4.90)

Me and sister decided to ordered a plate of main dish to share and some side dish as we're actually afraid that we're unable to finish. We ordered Chicken Chop Cream Spaghetti ($11.90). The pasta cream really taste so good and especially the crispy chicken with the braised sauce! YUMMY!

We ordered Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich for one of our side dish ($3.90). The luncheon meat is really kind of thick and there's mayonnaises spread on the bread. There's also sliced cucumber and tomato in between, so mouthful haha!

Lastly we ordered the Pan Fried Dumpling ($6.50). They really serve hot and fresh food! NICE!

Once done eating we walk around the mall from the top floor to the bottom haha! We went into a new Japan shop named "Miniso", I was so curious when I first saw the store because it was so bright that it attracts me haha! There's stuff really interesting and kind of worth the price that you won't expect.

We actually planned to go John Little as there's closing sales but it's really crowded but we did enter the store and walk around. As we expected we did not purchase anything because the queue was really long and it's really crowded so we left the store.

We decided to go NEX mall after that... Bought some bolsters for the boy for my mother house and  let sister to help me bring back home. Lastly we went NTUC before we went home, as I was kind of rushing home to cook dinner haha!

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