*-* Tuesday 25th March 2008 *-*
Ai yo I feel so bad sia yesterday CPA lesson we at the com lab mah den I tink is lynn bahx she said som one birthday coming le worx den paulyn and ying jing sitting in front of mi and marmie said ya lor don noe who sia but including mi lah... Den I don noe why I said"ya lor don noe who's birthday coming le worx and oso not our business worx... " is like DOTS sia I said it! and I really said [tht]it!!! OMG! how can I said tht to mai marmie[shi yu] sia is so hurting... I said sorry to marmie and she like really angry lor den ask her if she angry den she said don have worx but I can feel it den she said mi "don have euu xiao qi worx[som thing like tht lah...]" den I oso -_-!!! and she still can joke hahas but quite funny lah mi, ying jing and marmie laugh lor... MARMIE I`M SRY! T~T Haix! ai yah~~~ today actually after school wanna celebrate marmie birthday but we celebrate early cos her birthday is de coming Thursday but school release at 2.15pm or 2.30pm den quite late mah so we change to today lor but... at the end we still cancel it lor! T~T Cos today morning marmie come school le den I ask her if after school wanna go compass mah den she said don feel like going lor den I was like huh~ den how ar she don wanna go worx!? den I tell lynn bout it den she and limin thought is Thursday celebrate den nv bring de cake $$$ lor... But at first marmie don noe tht mi, ying jing, limin and lynn wanna celebrate her b`day de.... den is like I veri de sad lor and oso a bit angry lah^^ cos we had already discuss it and confirm everything wat to do le den I tis morning bring plastic cup and fork sia... Haix... don noe wat to said le... T~T

But nvm lah haha still got chance de mah hehe^O^ HO!HO!HO! hahas... marmie b`day still have 2more days worx^^ hehe... don noe if she will like the present tht I will give her on de day mah!?
TO Marmie:
marmie yesterday and tis morning euu tell mi bout ur mummy problem erm... I mean ur tht dreams lah^^ hehe... don worry!^O^ she will Chang Ming Bai Sui de!!! cos ur mummy is a veri good, kind, wonderful and of cos beautiful person... I will pray for her de so don worry too much lah marmie!!! ^O^ CHEER UP! hehe... I will always be there for euu! remeber leh always...

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