*-* Saturday 15th March 2008 *-*

Haix... just now bro take $$$ from daddy again sia so guo fen[too much] lor! every time like this wan take $$$ go buy xiang yan...
Dots lor just now mai mummy go down stairs the coffee shop there buy dinner for her and daddy mah she buy from the zu chao stall.... no wonder no people buy from them worx lol... cos they sell one packet $4 leh siao wan sia why don they go bank rob! crazy wan lor and some more they never give more noodles and veg or meat lor they give even less bahx I think!...
Don noe why so mani people so selfish wan lor only care bout how they feel or only noe how to earn people $$$ by cheating!!!

Haha so happy sia school going to reopen le worx! YEAH!^O^ can see all mai frens again le!!!
But bout three weeks cannot use com le bahx cos mai bro going to have three weeks holidays just like he said wan people study he holidays....
Monday early morning must wake up again le worx and go to school and study haha.... quite miss school days lah actually hehe^^
And of cos I miss all mai frens and SOME teachers lah^^ :P

GTG le BB veri tired wan go sleep le hehe...
Good nite..... MUACKS! [SWEET DREAMS TOO!......]


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