*-* Sunday 23rd March 2008 *-*

Haha! finally can use com le^^ but actually yesterday I got use lah but I do make MP3 thing only den go watch TV le hehe... now can use com cos mai bro go cut hair with mai daddy^^
Just now tink bout 3pm sleep den 6pm plus wake up don noe why so tired sia haha... I wake up le go diner table eat bread and drink water den mai jiejie come to mi den she said wake up jiu eat den I don noe why I show attitudes leh! like... erm I tink is I haven really wake up bahx hahas! pai seh worx jiejie don angry lah...^O^

Haix... quite sian lor 2moro school again liao worx... haha Thursday is marmie[shiyu] b'day hehe... wanna sabotage her! HAHA jk! jk! de lah... The coming Wednesday going out with jiejie straight away after school hehe go buy mai marmie presents^^

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