HAPPY BIRTHDAY to euu Marmie!!! ^^

*-* Thursday 27th March 2008 *-*

Happy Birthday To Euu Marmie^^

Today is marmie[shiyu] birthday worx haha she so good lor can go out with frens celebrate de I oso wan sia hahas... I hope she like the present hehe ^^
Today afternoon don noe why the weather so hot sia den some more today got assembly in the hall mah den the whole secondary student sitting in de hall lor and its so squeeze worx! Den finally can go home le so happy den marmie going out with her gans and best frens hahas sure will be veri fun de... And tink she enjoying herself now bahx ^^

I wan play MAPLE sia bout 1 or 2 years nv play le since mai marmie started to play again den hear her everytime said maple maple den feel like playing le den I ask mai korkor to download lor but mai account being band liao den ask for mai korkor account den he said forgot de password le den jus now told mi tht later tell mi the password and login... I was like so happy sia finally got games for mi to play le but i must restart to train again sia haix....

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