*-* Saturday 1st March 2008 *-*

LOL don noe why so early wake up sia veri tired worx thought going to sleep till 9am plus de den how I noe 8am den wake up worx... -_-!!!

On Wednesday bahx I think Dardar bought mi the Angela Zhang Shao Han new album the gai ban wan haha! I so happy worx cos he noe that This sunday 2nd March Angela coming to singapore having a signature concert at bugis 4.30pm... and I verix1000 de excited to give Angela sign the album wrox ^^ LOL.... den how I noe yesterday...
Haix... veri de sad and disappointed lor cos yesterday see the newspaper I saw that Angela is not coming le cos she like quie veri sick sia so ke lian... den 2moro the signature concert cancel liao worx!!!
But don noe if got postpone a not lor wish got!!! ^^
The newspaper said that if euu bought the album from Sebawang den from 8th of March to 31st of March 2008 can go to the shop to get one small note book bahx that front page is Angela which I have one liao lor haix.... It sound like don have postpone liao lor cos they called us to go and get that note book for "pei chang" worx...
Hope Angela recover soon bahx^^

Dots lor mai jiejie said she today don wanna go NPCC de sia den morning she went out le worx... Den she ps mi alone at home sia... Btw she ps mi one day only worx and I ps her for erm... 3 to 4 days leh cos going for the camp at nearby "Jorhor Bahru"<<<[not sure how to spell haha pai sei worx...]... haha! ke lian de baobei jiejie^^


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