SHINee is Back !!!

I’m really feeling so excited but at the same time  I think my heart could not take it too, as the boys are promoting as 4 members in future. I’m happy that they’re back and hope all the shawol and people around the world who love SHINee give them as much love and support as possible, I believe they will. 

I could not 100% say that I’m a shawol but I do really love them and since I was in secondary school, I remember that time the hit song was “REPLAY” and then RDD! I started to get more interested in them after the RDD so I get to see SHINee’s Hello Baby as well. Slowly my love and supports for them gain so fast haha! 

I have always catch up on their news, promotions and etc till after SHERLOCK album is released I’ve start to lose concentration on SHINee because I was getting married due to unplanned pregnancy. Everything just come in so sudden and slowly I didn’t get to be on social media often or even get to see TV that much, I was married over to live with my in laws. Some times I did scroll through Facebook for SHINee updates but not that often for their music, video and promotion. 

I wish to love them and supports them more but I’m unable to, it’s was a huge shocking news and so heart broken when JongHyun took his own life and leave this world. That’s the time when I feel that my life is full of regrets which I didn’t get to support them through social media, I adores them so much! I’ve also slowly started to get back tracks on SHINee since last year which I was pregnant with my third prince, till now I’m still feeling guilty and sad for not paying attention and supports them through these years, 

When people gets to have family either they have to concentrate on working or the family and the kids. It’s difficult to have their own time when actually we have kids at home, now I have a 5 YO, a 3 YO and a newborn. This coming Sunday is the baby full month which I’m free from confinement hahaha! But already starting to worry about financial... sighhhhh!

I just have to wait patiently for the dates to be here and I’m so looking forward to the music!!! Hope I’ll get to see photos and video of them for the new promotions and especially the fan meeting, omg~ I’m so jealous for those people who are able to meet them in real life and too bad I don’t know Korean well haha! 

사랑해요! 샤이니~ ❤️❤️❤️ 화이팅! 

(Above image are screenshots from SHINee Facebook page)

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