Finally I get to cook dinner again! haha

Heeeeeello! Good evening~ Finally today I get to cook dinner for my family once again, actually I love cooking hehe!

Cooked Hubby's favourites! Mince meat toufu with prawn and Bak Kut Teh ! 

Cooked some vegetable as well, Cauliflower with bell pepper, baby corn, carrot and canned mushroom.

I also fried the Pork Luncheons Meat egg, MIL kind of loving it hehe!

After clearing up the dinner table and all the washing, I went to my room and look after my boys haha! Jerald is standing on my bed watching TV and Javier is pushing the chair around the house. Haha!

Hehe! they are having fun together, playing with the blanket haha!

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