Good morning! ^.^ Listening to Rainie's song and singing along hehe! always~ :D Haha! I changed all my twitter background and Facebook cover to my blogger hearder image omggggg ^~^ kekekeke!

Got wake up by the worker from Monday to Friday! same timing! good job~ :( so sleepy! sigh! headache when they drill the wall ... ARGHHHH!
Have this for my breakfast just now! I guess I'll run for toilet haha! cause the cream sauce has been inside the fridge for quite some time! haha!!!
Have all this for dinner yesterday haha! Ah Kor bought those chicken yummy! The chilli is really spicy damn it! XD
 The day before went out with Love for dinner and movie! shouldn't go for movie sigh! Love is so tired~ ... Have this for dinner~ hmmm! I doesn't like the taste sorry but the mushroom soup is so tasty omg!!! I love soup ^^ hehe
After meal we went shopping! hehe! Love wanna get a watch which cost a lot, $200+ I guess~ Love is considering whether to get it or not haha! I told him if he really love it and want then just get it! :D sometimes we have to award ourselves for so many hard work isn't it!? Save so much money also cant do anything ... hahahaha! .... just saying! oopssss
I bought this purple bagggggggyy ^~^ omg! cost $29.90 lol! from Zinc ... Love bought a bag pack too! like finally he got the bag! He was thinking to buy the bag too! sad that I didn't snap a picture of the bag! is so cool haha!

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