Hellooooooooooo!!! ^^ I'm back~ it's already 2013 omggggg
finally I'm back to blogger hehe! Have been busy with work, always! so tired! Driving me crazy damn it! I wanna get a new job but don't know what should I work for ... hmmm! step by step then... have been working night shift this few weeks, there's something happened! lots of situation going one... sighhhh! speechless man~ ...

oh well! I just changed my header hehe!!! I lovvvvvvvvveee it so much! My handsome man ^^
 I bought his concert tickets! Gonna go with sister and uncle~ hehe! sad thing is that I bought the tickets on the day of Rainie's concert omggggg I regretted for not going to her concert!!! sadddddddd

First post of the year :D hehe!!! Next week I'm heading for Cafe class~ kinda excited! but upset with my management team! When I've the interest to learn I got no answers from them and when I'm tired and doesn't have the heart to learn anymore they put me for classes! Good job~ ... Two days of class, at HQ some more... ARGHHHHHH !

I'll upload some pictures other days ^^ Cause I'm gonna prepare and head out to meet my love! hehe! hmmm~ Maybe I'll upload when on my way out ... :)

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